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IT Strategy Workshop

Effort: 2-3 days

A corporate strategy clearly defines the targets of an organization. Even though these targets seem to be short and uncomplicated, the work behind defining the right targets can be immense and require huge expert skills. Nevertheless, experience in defining a strategy can save effort and time.

We offer an approach which enables your management to realize the organizations IT requirements and transform them into an IT Strategy and an IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap, only with three one-day workshops including workshop follow ups in a 9 week period.

Our Quick Win includes:

  • Agreeing the goals and content of the IT strategy

  • Identification of IT strategy drivers

  • Assessment of current IT competencies

  • Development of IT strategy requirements

  • Definition of the IT strategy plan

  • Developing a roadmap for implementing the IT strategy

  • Review and finalisation of the IT strategy

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