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Architecture Maturity Assessment

Effort: 5 days

IT strategies should especially be guided by the profound knowledge of the business requirements and the development of long-living architectures, which have both the fast implementation and flexibility of the solutions as well as a sustainable concept in mind.

The focus is not only on the technology and infrastructure of your IT, but also on the compatibility of your business model and the available resources with the right choice from the many possibilities offered by today’s enterprise and cloud-based applications.


The essential approach of our architecture is value- and quality-oriented solutions and pragmatic implementation plans. The results of our Quick-Win workshops are concrete solution- and implementation proposals for your biggest pain points, or the first steps towards a long-term roadmap that will shape or redesign your application landscape from scratch.

We are also happy to accompany our customers in the long term and thus making architecture a recurring, self-evident process, which is the basis for all your future investments. In doing so, we combine the experience with various application providers with the neutrality of independent experts, who search for and find the best available options regardless of the product.

Our Quick Win includes:

  • TOGAF compatible analysis of the existing application architecture
    alternatively EAAF compatible analysis

  • Capability maturity model and modelling of maturity levels

  • Identification of business components, business inputs and business change potentials for effective and efficient transformation plan and corresponding roadmap

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