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Project Management Assessment

Effort: 5 days

In a world of change, projects are a vital part of success, but project failures cost a huge amount of money. Keeping your project management structures at a premium level helps to minimize the cost due to project failures.

There are several methods and standards guiding you how to manage projects the best way. Some of them are optimal for certain types of projects, some are better for other project types. Nevertheless there should be one standard communicated to the whole team, to make the projects comparable as well as to establish the people‘s project management skills.


We review your project management structures and compare them to the existing standards, classify the maturity of your project management competencies and give guidance on how to improve your ability to effectively manage your Projects.

Our Quick Win includes:

  • Examination of your project methodology

  • Examination of the competence of the project team members

  • Identification of improvement potentials

  • Assessment of the project management maturity level

  • Definition of measures to improve project performance

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