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IT Organization

Even in an apparently technology oriented area like IT, people are the key to success and your IT organisation is the home of your people. IT management needs to be capable to understand and connect with the business. The skills of your people need to be continuously aligned with new challenges in a fast changing environment. Both, hard and soft skills are essential and need to be permanently trained, updated, and extended. The motivation of your staff is dependent on their chance of success and readiness for the daily work.

We help our clients to optimize their IT organisation and transform it into a strategic capability with a service-oriented mind-set. We make your IT staff able to work with an agile and reliable attitude. Our approach to help you improve your IT organisation’s performance is based on lean structures, empowered staff, skilled and motivated people, transparent processes, and business oriented modus operandi.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Analysis and design workshops for your IT and IT-HR departments

  • Projects to optimise and transform your IT organisation

  • Staff development plans, adapted to your organisation's needs and current requirements

  • Development of your staff to support the business strategy

  • Coaching your IT management to integrate into a business service oriented mindset

  • Coaching your IT staff to be ready for a renewed strategy

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