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IT Processes

Next to supporting business processes, IT is facing a growing demand to simplify, align, and consolidate their own processes. This includes service processes as much as decision-making, communication, and integration processes. Especially as a business service, IT needs to take over metrics and measures, which already apply to other business functions and get ready to optimize value, responsiveness, and performance of IT.

We help our clients to optimize their IT processes, adapt state-of-the-art-practices, implement standard procedures and measures, and control their process performance. We establish seamless process integration, and design your procedures respecting your company culture and the stakeholder’s expectations. We minimize your own effort and simplify your way of working.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Process analysis and design

  • IT process optimisation and consolidation

  • Post-merger IT process consolidation

  • Process transformation projects

  • Design and implementation of metrics, key performance indicators and performance dashboards

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