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IT Trends and Innovation

Trends in IT are changing very quickly. This con-cerns technology, applications, communication, architecture, business requirements, integrated solutions, services, standard methodologies and best practices, and many other topics. To make the best decisions regarding the strategic direction of IT, companies need to become frequently aware of the newest trends, the innovation the market is offering, and the value of those trends (in general and for the proprietary situation).

We deliver services to create transparency about the complex IT market and a focussed insight about the direction IT will develop into in the future. We are analysing trends on the market with regard to their relevance for your business and your organisation. We help you gain the highest benefit out of innovation whilst keeping risk and cost as low as possible. We guide you how to identify sustainable trends versus short living hypes. We want you to be early adopters of value creating technologies without becoming the guinea pigs of market movements.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Research & evaluation of IT market trends and developments

  • Executive Briefings

  • Innovation Workshops

  • Roadmap development and updates

  • Independent business value analysis and business cases

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