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Change Management

In our fast moving business environment we need to be extremely flexible and able to adapt as fast as possible. Changes are therefore key to keep the competitive advantage and the business agility towards all stakeholders, e.g. markets, customers, or legal authorities. Also, technology lifecycles are shortening and offer new opportunities at an always higher pace. Most of the changes, though, fail due to inflexible processes, concerns and constraints and the failure to pro-actively manage critical impacts and risks. A structured and efficient Change Management avoids failure of changes, creates transparency, and increases the quality and speed of the change implementation.


We deliver a flexible, but controlled change man-agement concept, registering and channelling your change demand, identifying and assessing impacts and risks on business and IT, enabling a fast implementation in the right order. We also integrate your Change Management into your Portfolio and Project Management and optimize your capacity and delivery planning processes. Our experience helps you to combine IT sustainability and reliable maintenance with the advantages of an agile response to any change demand of your internal business customers.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Evaluation of your change management processes

  • Change management design projects

  • Change management implementation and improvement projects

  • Integration and alignment of your business and IT organisation to optimise your change management processes

  • Review, selection and implementation of change management tools

  • Supporting your change management organisation through the integration of interim change manager positions in your organisation

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