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IT Service Optimization

Next to setting up and maintaining the appropriate infrastructure and applications, IT is more than ever a business service and facilitator for the core business activities. IT services have to make sure, that the technical capabilities are always available and operating – and they have to continuously be optimised and improved. Quality, performance and security requirements have to be applied and services have to be compliant to several internal and external standards.


We support our customers in driving their IT into a fully service oriented, best in class organisation. We help you make your IT more efficient and customer oriented, not only guaranteeing business continuity but also maturing and integrating new and advanced offerings into your service portfolio.

In sourcing situations, we help you defining and setting up your contractual framework and the contract management with your suppliers where you need to leverage economies of scale and align internal and external processes and procedures.

Together with you, we define the appropriate measures, service catalogues, and service level agreements.

We bring our experience with standards like ITIL, Six Sigma, and Lean IT together with your knowledge of internal service requirements and expectations and turn your IT organisation into an even more service oriented value adding asset.

Our strategic and tactical services include

  • Service management inventory analysis and design

  • Quality and compliance check for your IT service management

  • Establishment and optimisation of your service organisation

  • Change management implementation and improvement

  • Definition and implementation of service catalogues

  • Definition and implementation of SLAs

  • Implementation of service management tools and quality dashboards

  • Compliance check against service standards

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