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IT Portfolio Management

To optimize your IT Services and your IT Strategy, the company needs to be aware of its Portfolio to align it with the strategy and optimize the portfolio mix. This includes how to evaluate the portfolio items and their impact, how to define the right target portfolios and to run the right Projects.

We help our customers to set up their IT portfolio, which is oriented towards the business strategy and driven by the appropriate governance. We help you design, implement or optimize the necessary portfolio management processes and help you select and develop the appropriate portfolio management tools. We offer executive support for one of your key strategic and tactical decision making process areas.

Our strategic and tactical services include

  • Definition of project portfolios, supplier portfolios, application portfolios, etc.

  • Definition of portfolio criteria

  • Definition of a target application portfolio

  • Implementation of portfolio validation processes

  • Implementation of portfolio management tools

  • Administration of project portfolios

  • Change management

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