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Demand Management

Business demand results from various sources, be it corporate planning, demand from business departments, or a single user demand. In this context, demand spams from pure incidents to the big transformation initiatives. The right methods to respond to the many demand types in an adequate way are key for a successful handling of your business customer’s requests. Collecting and classifying those in a structured way creates a full overview of what the business organisation expects from IT. Early identification of request overlaps and conflicts, defining efficient collaboration, and setting up relevant reporting procedures creates trust and transparency in the IT organisation and is the basis for a company-wide portfolio Management.


We support our customers with the design and implementation of efficient and performing demand management processes. We analyse and improve the demand organisation and the integration of business requests and IT delivery. We facilitate the optimisation of the demand management with design concepts, optimisation projects, and operational Support.

We help our customers to consolidate the demand and integrate it into the ITSM landscape to ensure an aligned and value adding demand implementation. We understand the different demand types and know how IT needs to efficiently respond to business requests and requirements.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Evaluation of your demand management organisation and associated processes.

  • Design and implementation of an integrated demand governance model for business and IT.

  • Design and implementation of demand processes

  • Integration and consolidation of demand procedures

  • Clean-up of projects for outstanding or unclassified demands

  • Operational support of your demand management through the integration of interim management positions in your company

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