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Optimized processes and strong technical tools do not automatically guarantee a successful project execution. Most important are the people and teams with the specific challenge that they often come with very different background, interest, and motivation. Project Managers need to be able to bring and build soft skills, administrative excellence, and technical knowledge. They need to be people managers and well-respected SMEs at once, keeping a distant view and bringing personal engagement coevally. Their role model needs to motivate their teams.

Your Project Managers have to permanently develop their leadership abilities, therefore training of PM resources is not a one-time activity, and it is additionally a journey for which a mentoring and coaching approach is as important as just to learn the techniques PM and project teams need.

We train your project managers and project management team to get and use the necessary skills for running a successful project. We enable them to understand and run critical PM processes, understand what effective project management means and how to develop, set up, run, control, and close any project successfully.

We mentor and coach your PMs to become true leaders, work more and more efficiently, and enable their teams and promote all their social and communicational competences. We accompany your PMs through the real challenges and support any “learning-by-doing” approach as well as structured people development Programmes.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • On-site or remote training of all types of project management resources at all levels.

  • Coaching of the PMO leadership

  • Coaching of your project managers

  • Coaching of PMO assistants

  • Spontaneous support for project management resources in exceptional situations

  • Long-term staff development programmes for PM and PMO resources

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