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Operative Services

A high number of projects tend to fail or overrun budget and time. Thus people might realize this too late to intervene. The excellence of a well-structured, organized, and success oriented PMO and project management are key to avoid these situations. Proactively, companies have to pro-vide for this capability and run this as a service to the business-as-usual organization, cross entities and complex matrixes, to make projects run effi-ciently.

We offer you operational support of the project management to execute a health-check of pro-jects in time and bring critical projects back on track. We also support your PMO, programme, and project organizations through interim man-agement, swat team initiatives, and highly experi-enced senior PM professionals. We run and con-figure pre-prepared hosted platforms for your use – immediately available, as well suitable for small-er projects as long term for programmes and PMOs. We deliver hands-on, success oriented, end-to-end project management services. We measure and analyse your project capabilities (internal and external) with clear and value-based KPI’s, follow up on your CSFs and neutrally rec-ommend opportunities for improvement and op-erational excellence.

Our operational services include:

  • Programme and project health check

  • PMO management and project management support

  • Interim PMO and other PMO resources

  • Remote or on-site support of your PMO and project management for operational tasks

  • Reporting, governance and communication support for programmes and projects

  • Hosted platforms to support PMO processes and project teams

  • Tools, templates and accelerators

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