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Programme- & Project Management Office

Projects require a lot of communication, organisation, and collaboration. Project Management Offices are intended to deliver these requirements. In this context, coaching the PMO and project members in project methods and procedures is as important as creating permanent transparency for executives and stakeholders.


We offer our clients to set up a PMO and Project Management environment, either as a general implementation or an interim solution for current projects which are struggling.

We are setting up the necessary PM capabilities and can deliver interim project management structures at a high speed. We offer to operationally take over Programme and Project Manager positions in critical initiatives. We develop a sus-tainable project management framework fitting your culture and organisation, consisting of, amongst others, aligned processes, KPIs, guidelines and policies, and the training of your staff.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Establishment of a PMO and project management environment

  • Interim Management PMO

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