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Transformation Programmes

Business transformation is meant to create desirable and sustainable changes in behaviour and form. It includes individuals, processes, systems, and organisations. Coming from a human-centred, cross-functional approach, transformation creates sustainable and value oriented change. It brings together long-term objectives, technical opportunities, and organisational capabilities and creates a newly oriented business environment in situations of readjusted strategies and paradigm shifts. Business or IT transformation programmes mean high investments and often high risks. They cause huge changes of the existing environment. There-fore, they need to be exactly analysed and described in advance to identify their value and profitability. Challenges, opportunities, and risks need to be under control, success must be measurable and monitored.

We offer our clients to assess the value of their transformation, and develop and maintain the re-spective business cases. With our experience, we translate the objectives of change into roadmaps and aligned transformation programmes to prepare for a successful and efficient implementation. Our transformation approach is driven by pragmatism and sustainability and is result- and performance-driven at the same time.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Value analysis and description

  • Definition of roadmaps and programmes to support transformation initiatives

  • Development and tracking of business cases

  • Continuous, independent reviews and audits of transformation programmes against internal or external standards and metrics

  • Strategic and operational programme management for transformation programmes

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