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Coaching collaboration means to support people in setting up and implementing a structured, non-coincidental, and reliable collaboration approach. It is also meant to implement the necessary cul-tural change in your teams and organisation. Coaching collaboration is setting a new mind-set and makes people understand the importance and opportunities of “new ways of working”. Cre-ating enthusiasm and the spirit of collaboration excellence creates unexpected efficiency and a new level of work quality.

Just like our Project Management coaching offerings, we also support our customers in the specific challenge of collaboration and communication. We train and accompany your people, building their technical and soft skills to develop and run your business-as-usual or project collaboration at the highest stage. We help your people to initiate and perform the necessary cultural change. We support the continuous development of your technical and human resources through our coaching offerings – both as remote and on-site approach.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Training courses to identify and define the collaboration model (in synchronisation with your company culture).

  • Train-the-trainer and learning-on-the-job engagements for those employees who are particularly dependent on the high quality of collaboration and communication

  • Coaching of key resources responsible for implementing a new collaboration model

  • One-off or repeated coaching of teams or staff to understand collaboration as a comprehensive model, the opportunities it creates and the CSFs

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