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Collaboration in Practice

Collaboration is the appropriate way of working where actual or virtual teams have to start on common ground, deliver against shared objec-tives, strategic or operational information is trig-gering follow up actions, or where complex con-texts are asking for integration and cooperation. Collaboration is an expression of relationships and culture; it is a behavioural challenge for individuals and teams and a key success factor for many business-as-usual and project activities.


We help you analyse and understand your collabo-ration maturity, define and determine the right collaboration strategy, specify the win-win-opportunities, and identify the low hanging fruits. We assist you as an IT organisation or IT manager in defining the right policies and activities to improve your collaboration maturity. We support you in designing processes and governance for your collaboration, transforming your teams and training your individuals, selecting and setting up the right tools, implementing your company’s culture and collaboration strategy, and deploying collaboration processes and discipline throughout your organisation.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Design and implementation of collaboration processes between the IT organisation and internal and external business partners

  • Implementation of collaboration matrices for your business processes within your stakeholder group(s)

  • Efficient workshops to get projects up and running in the short term and to set up the appropriate collaboration structure.

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