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Collaboration Strategy

(Enterprise) Collaboration can increase productivity enormously, when being executed the right way. Sustainable, effective, and efficient collaboration needs to be strategically designed and implemented. Components of a collaboration strategy and architecture are, amongst others, operational alignment of stakeholders with different focus, governance and leadership, coordination and productivity, adequate processes, and the use of the right artefacts and technology. Strategic collaboration is a practical characteristic of shared and corporate responsibility.


We help you analyse and understand your collabo-ration maturity, define and determine the right collaboration strategy, specify the win-win-opportunities, and identify the low hanging fruits.

We integrate your networks, business partners, teams and stakeholders, your experience and knowledge, your communication, and your processes in a seamless way so that you minimize collaboration frictions and interrupts. We perma-nently connect your teams to enable flawless business and project management even cross entity matrixes and fast moving organizational structures.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Analysis of the maturity level of your collaboration scenarios.

  • Workshops to develop an appropriate collaboration strategy for organisations or projects

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