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Collaboration Capabilities

Collaboration needs appropriate support and facilitation through policies, tools, and other instru-ments. They need to be strategic and pragmatic at once, reflect best practices, fulfil compliance needs, and make life easier rather than more complicated.

We offer both, on site and remote (hosted) collaboration capabilities for your use in the business as usual as well as in your project environment. Our templates have been proven in numerous environments. Their value is based on numerous projects, always having been reflected and critically customized. Also for you, we will provide these adaptations on demand, reflecting your specific culture, demand, and experience.

Our strategic and tactical services include:

  • Building collaboration tools such as policies, rules, templates, workflows, portals, content platforms, etc.

  • Designing, setting up, implementing and rolling out collaboration tools.

  • Providing pre-configured platforms and customising them to your specific business needs

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